ESL: A Guide to U.S. Citizenship

Developed by Wayne Community College

Course Description, Texts and Materials

Competency One: U. S. History

Lesson 1: Exploration
Handout: Citizenship Vocabulary Words
Handout: INS Interview Questions

Lesson 2: Early America

Lesson 3: Middle America

Lesson 4: Twentieth Century
Handout: History of American Wars

Competency Two: U.S. Government

Lesson 5: U. S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights
Handout: Principles of the Constitution
Handout: Powers of the Three Branches of Government
Handout: Checks and Balances

Lesson 6: The Executive Branch

Lesson 7: The Legislative Branch
Handout: How a Bill Becomes a Law
Handout: Powers of the Senate and House of Representatives
Handout: Comparing the Senate and House
Handout: The Amending Process

Lesson 8: The Judicial Branch

Lesson 9: Local Government
Handout: Jobs of the Governor and Other State Officials

Lesson 10: Political Parties and Voting

Competency Three: U. S. Holidays and Symbols
Lesson 11: U. S. Holidays and Symbols

Competency Four: Citizenship Requirements
Lesson 12: INS Interview and Forms

Suggested Resources