Survivor North Carolina

Survivor North Carolina consists of a series of health literacy challenges with the responses of five participating North Carolina community college ESL programs. Each of the tribes (i.e., schools) survived their challenges using two tools: education and action.

Participating tribes in this ESL Health Literacy Consortium were from
     Alamance Community College
     Central Carolina Community College
     Montgomery Community College
     Stanly Community College
     Wilkes Community College

Working under their instructional leaders, the tribes were involved in project-based, action-oriented learning about the five leading causes of death in North Carolina: heart disease, cancer, stroke, chronic lung disease, and diabetes.

Meeting their challenges required the tribes and their instructors to:

The materials these tribes produced:

The Appendix consists of the challenges and the Internet resources given to the tribe leaders (teachers) at the onset of this undertaking. You can use the Appendix to design projects that are topically sound but entirely different from the ones completed by the tribes in this Survivor handbook.

With grateful appreciation to the U.S. Department of Education and the North Carolina Community College System for giving us this opportunity, we offer Survivor North Carolina for your use.

Note About the Survivor Instructional Resources
Many of the following classroom resources are provided in two file formats, for your convenience. The Adobe Acrobat files (noted below as “PDF”) are much smaller in file size and will download quickly for printing. Should you want to modify the resource, a Microsoft Word file (noted below as “DOC”) is provided, but will take longer to download, depending on the bandwidth of your Internet connection. At any rate, the content in each file is the same – only the file format is different.


I. What's Killing Us in North Carolina?

Number 1: Heart Disease

• Be Heart Smart – PDF (512kb)   DOC (449kb)
• It's a Puzzle – PDF (326kb)   DOC (1.98mb)
• Heart Disease Brochure – PUBLISHER FILE (18.2mb)    PDF (322kb)
(If you have trouble opening the Publisher file by left clicking on the link, follow these instructions:
Right click on the link to the Publisher file.
Choose "Save Link As."
You can opt to save to the desktop.
Select "Microsoft Office Publisher Document" as the file type.
Hit "Save."
Then you can open the file from the desktop. )

Number 2: Cancer

• In the News – PDF (1.34mb)   DOC (8.4mb)
• The BIG Message – PDF (232kb)   DOC (686kb)

Number 3: Stroke

• Brain Attack – PDF (161kb)   DOC (66kb)   PPT (226kb)
• Pictures Worth a Thousand Words – PDF (875kb)  DOC (11.3mb)

Number 4: Chronic Lung Disease

• We are Candy's Lungs –PDF (948kb)   DOC (12.72 mb)   PPT (825kb)
• Send Me a Postcard – PDF (1.29mb)    DOC (3.6mb)

Number 5: Diabetes

• The Survey Says...– PDF (1.35mb)   DOC (6.5mb)
• Don't Gamble Your Health– PDF (948kb)  DOC (8.3mb)

II. What Prevention Strategies Can We Use?

• Stop Digging Your Grave with a Fork – PDF (466kb)   DOC (487kb)
• Do You Mind if I Smoke? – PDF (658kb)   DOC (8mb)
• Make a Motion Commotion – PDF (402kb)   DOC (323kb)
• Preparing Public Service Announcements – PDF (524kb)   DOC (1.5mb)       
• Replace Those Empty Calories – PDF (1.37mb)   DOC (9.8mb)

III. What's the Past Got To Do With It?

• Heart and Soul – PDF (619kb)   DOC (2.9mb)
• Finding a Cure – PDF (792kb)   DOC (11.8mb)
• Sweet Tea, Fried Chicken, and Mad Cow – PDF (422kb)   DOC (958kb)
• From Peace Pipe to Smoke-Free – PDF (290kb)    DOC (1.3mb)
• Tobacco Timeline– PDF (64kb)  DOC 87kb)
• Fast Forward – PDF (588kb)   DOC (3mb)

IV. Appendix

• The Original Challenges and Resources – PDF (527kb)   DOC (448kb)

V. Epilogue as Prologue

• Epilogue – PDF (24kb)    DOC (21kb)