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Developed by Alamance Community College

This set of twenty PowerPoint presentations is intended for use with advanced and intermediate adult ESL students who are preparing to be naturalized American citizens. These learning materials are based on the 100 Questions from the United States Immigration and Naturalization Service.
Note: A self-paced faculty development module containing teaching materials to accompany these presentations can be accessed through the NC-NET Blackboard server. Log in with the user name faculty and the password nc-net and click on “Citizenship: The 100 Questions.”

Lesson 1: Breaking Away from England

Lesson 2: The Declaration of Independence

Lesson 3: The Preamble to the Constitution

Lesson 4: The Articles of the Constitution

Lesson 5: The Legislative Branch

Lesson 6: The Executive Branch

Lesson 7: The Judicial Branch

Lesson 8: The Bill of Rights

Lesson 9: State and Federal Powers

Lesson 10: Beyond the Bill of Rights

Lesson 11: Rights and Responsibilities

Lesson 12: Naturalization

Lesson 13: Colonial History—Settling the Colonies

Lesson 14: Colonial History—A New Country

Lesson 15: The 1800s

Lesson 16: U.S. Geography

Lesson 17: The Twentieth Century—Part I

Lesson 18: The Twentieth Century—Part II

Lesson 19: The American Flag and the National Anthem

Lesson 20: Federal Holidays