Living in America

Developed by Davidson County Community College

Pat Phillips, Chairperson, Literacy Services
Deanne Mogon, ESL Coordinator
Nicole Hall and David Whitehead, Curriculum Development

Unit 1: Rights and Responsibilities

Unit 2: Citizenship

Unit 3: Due Process of Law/Interacting with Police

Unit 4: The Court System

Unit 5: American Government

Unit 6: Owning and Operating a Car

Unit 7: Car Insurance

Unit 8: Reporting an Emergency

Unit 9: Buying and Registering a Car

Unit 10: Owning and Maintaining a Car

Unit 11: Banking

Unit 12: Housing

Unit 13: Workplace Safety

Unit 14: Medical Services

Unit 15: African American History in the United States

Unit 16: Segregation and Civil Rights

Unit 17: The Naturalization Process

Unit 18: Civic Participation

Games Appendix

Bibliography of Resource Materials