EL/CIVICS Education

Year Three

Lesson topics for each Year 3 Module are listed below alphabetically. Click on a topic and you will get a page with links to the lesson plan itself and to accompanying classroom resources such as maps, pictures, flash cards, listening activities, vocabulary activities, exercises, and dialogues.

You can open, print, or download the individual documents, or you can download the entire set of files by clicking on the final entry, which is a self-extracting zip file you can save to your computer.

Research instruments for Year 3--like the needs assessment and the satisfaction survey--are included under the heading Research Materials after the last Module. For a description of the research design, click on The Project in the menu above.

Module 1
Name, Address, Phone Number
Marital Status
Days of the Week
Months of the Year
Greetings, Introductions, & Farewells
Make a Phone Call

Module 2
Call 911
Martin Luther King, Jr.
People, Places, & Things
Family Members
Valentine’s Day
US Currency & Coins
Count & Use US Currency

Module 3
Directional Phrases
Winter Storms & Blizzards
Presidents of the U.S.
American Government

Module 4
3 Branches of Government
American Flag
Pledge of Allegiance
Common Immigration
Meat and Dairy
Food and Drink
Design your own Menu

Extra Module
Articles of Clothing
Declaration of Independence
Find Telephone Numbers
Household Items
July 4th
Responsibilities of US Citizens
Rights of US Citizens
Two Ways to Become a Citizen
What is a US Citizen?

Research Materials
Student Guidelines in English
Student Guidelines in Spanish
Student Needs Assessment
Student Satisfaction Survey in English
Student Satisfaction Survey in Spanish