Professional Development


Cyber Awareness for Robotics/ Automation/Mechatronics Technicians: A New Credential

This webinar unveils the new Cyber4RAM online credential for robotics, automation, and mechatronics technicians. Developed by TRACKS-CN, the Robotics/Automation and Cybersecurity Knowledge Sharing Coordination Network, the Cyber4RAM digital badge is designed to enhance cyber awareness among manufacturing technicians. Badge content covers 11 National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE) competencies tied to advanced manufacturing. In this webinar, credential developers Dr. Evelyn Brown, Director, Extension Research and Development with NC State University’s Industry Expansion Solutions, and Zack Hubbard, Dean of Technical Programs at Rowan-Cabarrus Community College, share their process for creating the badge’s learning modules and demonstrate how students can access the modules and earn the Cyber4RAM badge for free.

Understanding Generational Poverty

This webinar is presented by Liz Watkin and Gigi Derballa from Asheville Buncombe Technical Community College. The topic of generational poverty is important for educators, as it sheds light on the diversity of learners we see in higher education, and how this economic diversity can impact their learning. As we are reminded during the webinar, there is far more to poverty than being economically poor. Instructors who are aware of the more common aspects of generational poverty can equip themselves with tools and strategies to ensure all students are given an opportunity to excel.

  • Watch the recorded webinar. [4-26-2019]
  • Download the accompanying slides (PDF).
  • Download the webinar transcript: DOCX or PDF

Flipping Foundations: Getting Started with Flipped Learning

This webinar features Happy Gingras and Patricia Adams of Pitt Community College. Both are award-winning teachers and trainers who have been in the college classroom for more than a decade. They have extensive experience flipping their own classes and teaching others how to flip and blend their courses. They have shared their knowledge through presentations and workshops at local, state, national, and international conferences. In this webinar, Happy and Patricia offer an array of strategies for getting started with flipped learning.

  • Watch the recorded webinar. [5-31-18]
  • Download the accompanying slides.

Advanced Technology Careers for Women

Led by Deborah Porto, Dean of Business and Advanced Technologies at Johnston Community College, this webinar takes a look at a National Science Foundation project that’s been increasing career awareness among high school counselors, faculty, parents, and students with the goal of increasing female participation in engineering technology programs. Dr. Porto shares some of the things she’s learned through her work on the project, including strategies for helping high school personnel better understand technology careers in ways that can directly impact recruitment and participation.

  • Watch the recorded webinar. [4-27-18]
  • Download the accompanying slides.

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