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NC-NET Resource Spotlight

  • Check out the NC-NET Academy Course Schedule for Spring
  • The Career Pathways Exchange - a weekly digest sharing news and resources
  • ATE Central - curriculum and professional development resources for technical disciplines
  • Tools for Building Employer-Educator Partnerships website
  • Cape Fear CC's Online Learning Supports
  • AB Tech's Faculty Support Center

  • NC-NET's Employability Skills Resource Toolkit supports instructors as they seek to enhance how their courses address employability competencies. The Toolkit is organized into eight modules containing instructional materials including activities, handouts, assessment rubrics, and annotated slides.

Resource Exchange

The purpose of the North Carolina Network for Excellence in Teaching is to share professional development resources statewide to help avoid duplication and to encourage and enable replication of promising practices. The NC-NET Resource Exchange represents an opportunity for your college to showcase and share its best professional development resources and teaching tools.

NC-NET welcomes submissions of all types — from tutorials and guides, to workshop materials, to templates, videos, and instructional resources. Begin sharing today with NC-NET's easy-to-use submission form.