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Home Address (for mailing your stipend upon successful course completion.)

Learning Support Agreement

NC-NET Academy Learning Support Agreement
Habits of Happy Teachers: Perspectives on Thriving in Education

This section provides information about what you can expect from Habits of Happy Teachers: Perspectives on Thriving in Education, an online professional development course sponsored by the North Carolina Network for Excellence in Teaching (NC-NET) and developed and facilitated by the Center for Occupational Research and Development (CORD). It also outlines our expectations of you as a course participant.

Course participants will be expected to complete weekly readings, activities, and dialogue through the course discussion board. Some tasks may be easy for you; others may be more challenging. This is a collaborative course, so you are encouraged to help one another.

A goal of this course is to provide positive feedback among colleagues through collaborative discussion, your continued participation in the course depends on your constructive contributions.

This accepting statement is non-binding legally, but it tells us that you’re serious about the class and will participate regularly. Please read it carefully, and indicate your agreement to the participation terms for the course. After agreeing to all terms and requirements, please list or describe your objectives for participating in this course. That is, please inform us what you hope to accomplish by taking this course. Last but not least, sign at the bottom of this form in the blank provided.

Before the class:

  1. Participants will be sent an introductory e-mail that provides a URL (web address) and password for access to the course. This URL will be the same throughout the semester.
  2. Participants need to use a computer (can be Mac or PC) with reliable Internet access and the following programs and equipment:
    • Adobe Acrobat Reader (can be downloaded from the web)
    • MS Word optional (for use if you are attaching a document from your computer to the website, otherwise you can enter comments directly in the discussion section without worrying about the software program)
    • Computer with speakers
  3. The course requires reading, reflection and discussion among peers; thus participants should expect an average of 7 hours per week working on various assignments over multiple days.
  4. Participants must notify the facilitator of their intent to drop the course by the end of the first week, so that those on the waiting list may enroll.
I have read and agree to the above section.

Course Logistics and Expectations:

  1. Discussion Board: The main way to contact the instructors and staff of the course will be through the Moodle platform, and through email. Please feel free to reach out to the course facilitators for any questions or concerns. Course facilitators will make their best effort to reply quickly, but the response time for participant questions can be between 24 and 48 hours (possibly longer, if over a weekend).
  2. Asynchronous Scheduled: Each week participants will have new activities, readings, and/or discussions to complete by due dates clearly listed in each weekly module. Each Friday a new weekly module will open. Our expectation of you will be to check into the course frequently during the week (at least three times during the week).
    Coursework that is completed at one sitting on the due date or day before the due date will not provide the opportunity for the majority of course participants to truly reflect and benefit from the discussions or peer feedback. Therefore, the expectation is for participants to interact multiple times throughout the week and not complete the coursework at one sitting.
  3. Course Collaboration: Course participants learn in collaboration with one another. As we feel strongly that participant reflection, feedback and engagement are essential for personal and professional growth, your final continuing education contact hours and stipend eligibility are dependent on your commitment to colleague collaboration.
  4. Work due each week: Each week an Assignment Overview will outline the week’s assignments, clearly explaining what is expected for that week. A rubric is provided within the course introduction to clarify expectations for discussions and assignments. All weeks’ work must be completed in order to receive a certificate of completion.
  5. Technical support: For Internet connectivity questions, you should check first with your local Internet Service Provider. You will be responsible for maintaining your computer hardware, Internet connection, and browser.
  6. Feedback: Course facilitators will provide feedback to participants privately through weekly individual journal entries, and occasionally by email.
  7. Stipends: Stipends are offered as an incentive for quality assignments, frequent and early discussion board participation and timely submissions. To receive the $100 stipend for this course, participants must submit all work on time and participate as outlined in the LSA, without any exceptions. the stipend for this course is $100.
I have read and agree to the Course Logistics and Expectations.
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