Efficiency of an Engine

Created by: Cynthia Dayton, Southwestern Community College

auto engine

About the Series:

This instructional lesson is part of NC-NET's Creating Integrated Instruction series of faculty-developed integrated projects. Participating community faculty developed classroom-ready materials that:

  • Integrate career and technical content and academic concepts—reinforcing both
  • Use real-world scenarios to engage students and make content relevant
  • Foster critical thinking, collaboration, and other skills valued by employers
  • Encourage instructors to use active, authentic assessment techniques

Project Description:

This project helps students learn to apply lessons in thermodynamics (thermochemical equations, stoichiometry, work, and internal energy) to engineering design and assess impacts on pollution, fuel economy, cost, and safety.

Estimated Duration:

1 Lecture (2 hr 40 min)
1 lab period (2 hr 40 min)
Take Home Assignment (3 hours to complete; allow students one week to complete assignment)

Appropriate Course(s) for Implementation:

  • General Chemistry I
  • Physics I
  • Engineering

Files for Instructors:

The materials to implement this project are self-contained two files.

>> Download "Efficiency of an Engine" (MS Word)

>> Download "Efficiency of an Engine (Calculations)" (MS Excel)