Design an Organ

Created by: Jessica Goninan, Roanoke Chowan Community College

human physiology

About the Series:

This instructional lesson is part of NC-NET's Creating Integrated Instruction series of faculty-developed integrated projects. Participating community college faculty developed classroom-ready materials that:

  • Integrate career and technical content and academic concepts—reinforcing both
  • Use real-world scenarios to engage students and make content relevant
  • Foster critical thinking, collaboration, and other skills valued by employers
  • Encourage instructors to use active, authentic assessment techniques

Project Description:

In this project students will learn the hierarchical structure of organization in the human body; learn the basic anatomy of specialized cells, tissues, and organs; understand how cells and tissues communicate to perform essential functions; utilize the arts and engineering to create a depiction of a fictious organ; and improve on collaboration, video recording skills, and presentation skills.

Estimated Duration:

Lecture: 3 hours
Lab: 3 hours

Appropriate Course(s) for Implementation:

  • BIO-168: A&P 1
  • BIO-112: Gen Bio 2

Files for Instructors:

The materials to implement this project are self-contained within a single Microsoft Word file.

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