Resource Round-Up:

Stackable Credentials Tool Kit

This resource was developed by the Center for Occupational Research and Development as part of the U.S. Department of Education-Office of Career, Technical, and Adult Education’s Mappping Upward project. The Tool Kit is organized into sections on topics of importance to community and technical colleges considering a stackable credentials approach. Each section provides information, hyperlinks to online tools, and suggestions on how to use them.

Colleges are encouraged to read the Tool Kit in sections, hosting roundtable discussions after each. College teams can use the reflection questions in each section to jumpstart conversations and divide up research tasks using the suggested tools.

The Tool Kit includes the following sections.

  • Employer Engagement
  • Designing Curriculum for Stackable Credentials
  • Supporting Completion
  • Sustaining Stackable Credentials
  • Case Studies

Additional resources from the Mapping Upward project, such as podcasts and recorded webinars, can be found on the Perkins Collaborative Resource Network website under National Initiatives > Credentials.


Supporting Students’ Pursuit of Nontraditional Careers

Recruiting and retaining students in nontraditional careers is critically important to a community college’s mission and essential to helping communities across the nation close the skills gap. But doing so requires arming yourself with current workforce statistics and proven strategies for improving students’ perception of high-demand careers they may have never considered. Here are resources to help with this important work.

Next Generation Regional Manufacturing Center
An NSF-ATE (Advanced Technological Education) Center of Excellence

The Center’s website provides a host of resources to support women in their pursuit of careers in manufacturing, including:

  • Educator and Counselor Resources, including Manufacture Your Future 2.0 – An Educator’s Guide and You Belong: Women in Manufacturing – An Educator’s Guide, both with accompanying videos
  • Best Practice Guides on student symposiums, externships, teacher workshops, and marketing guides
  • Videos of women with successful careers in manufacturing
  • A “how-to” resource on conducting your own Mini Maker Faire – a great way to make your community aware of opportunities in manufacturing

Supporting Students in Nontraditional Careers:
Recruitment Super Strategies

This Perkins-funded resource was developed by the Illinois Center for Specialized Professional Support. The 6-page brochure offers informative statistics and practical strategies for community colleges aiming to enhance their support of students’ pursuit of nontraditional careers.

Resources from AB Tech’s NSF-ATE Projects Supporting Nontraditional Careers

Led by Pamela Silvers, the “Skilled Workers Get Jobs: Recruiting Women and Retaining ALL Students” and “Skilled Workers Get Jobs 2.0” projects have demonstrated significant student outcomes. Learn more about this work and take advantage of ideas, tools, and resources from the projects:

  • Recorded webinar [3-26-18 Perkins Presentation] on “Addressing 5P1 and 5P2: Recruiting and Retaining Nontraditional Students”
    Download the accompanying slides.
  • NC-NET News issue highlighting project activities and strategies.
  • Recorded webinar [2015] on “Strategies for Connecting with and Recruiting Females”
    (Note: Pam’s talk begins at the 29-minute mark.)
    Download the accompanying slides.
  • Increasing Female Participation in STEM Presentation