New Perkins Resources from the Field

The following professional development courses were developed by North Carolina colleges who were awarded state professional development grants under the Carl D. Perkins program for fiscal year 2011. We invite you to review, implement, and adapt these new resources for your institution.

Blackboard Courses

The self-paced courses listed below can be accessed through the NC-NET Blackboard server. Log in with the user name faculty and the password nc-net. Once connected, you can view the courses alphabetically by title.

Wake Technical Community College

SPARK: Syllabus Preparation and Required Knowledge
A professional development course that teaches all aspects of syllabus development as a foundation for teaching and course management.

Mitchell Community College

Contextual Teaching and Learning: Linking Applied and College Transfer Courses through Interdisciplinary Projects
Online course designed to improve the quality of CTE teachers and other faculty who use interdisciplinary projects and problem-based learning to help students make connections between learning outcomes in transfer and applied courses.

Moodle Courses

The self-paced courses listed below can be accessed through Tri-County Community College’s Moodle Server. Click on the main title for login instructions.

Moodle Professional Development:

  • Moodle for Faculty - Basics
  • Moodle for Faculty - Intermediate
  • Moodle for Faculty - Advanced
  • Moodle for Students - Introduction
  • Moodle for Students - Advanced

Professional Development Resources

Davidson County Community College

Updating Curriculum to Support Learning
Professional development collection that includes four modules designed to assist CTE faculty in writing, teaching, and assessing student outcomes as well as using results to improve teaching and learning.

Fayetteville Technical Community College

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Is Your Business Green?
Professional development resources and tools to assist faculty in incorporating green strategies and technology into business curriculum and daily operations. Six core areas are addressed:

1. Business Administration – Human Resources
2. Business Administration – Marketing
3. Operations Management
4. Healthcare Management Technology
5. Hospitality Management
6. Small Business/Entrepreneurship

Forsyth Technical Community College

Interactive Learning Objects: A Course to Get You Started
A guide for colleges who have not yet established a learning object culture on their campus. Learn about Forsyth’s journey to grow their program from the infancy stage to maturity.

Vance Granville Community College

Two online courses in Moodle are available:

  • Creating Sustainable Content for the Eco-Friendly Laboratory
  • Equipping Faculty for Highly Effective Online Instruction

To access either course, visit:

Please note: New site visitors can click on the course title of interest and you’ll be prompted to create a New User account through which you can access both courses.