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About History
This site gives links to other sites about all types of history.

American Experience: A Fatal Flood
The tale of African-Americans during the 1927 flooding of the Mississippi Delta.

American Memory
American Memory-- a gateway to rich primary source materials relating to the history and culture of the United States. The site offers more than 7 million digital items from more than 100 historical collections.

Best of History Websites
The Best History Sites-- a portal created for students and history educators. Here you'll find sites, rated for usefulness and accuracy, that will help you study or teach a wide variety of topics and periods in History.

Chronological List of Mathematicians
Chronology of Mathematicians, 1700 BCE - 1970 CE. These links can also be sorted according to national origin.

Colonial & Post-Colonial Literary Dialogues
Essays about themes in the analysis of colonial literature such as African women writers, slavery, and literary style v. historical accuracy

Documenting the American South
A collection of sources on Southern history, literature, and culture.

English History
English History is a gateway to tributes to the poets John Keats and Lord Byron, as well as a Tudor England site. You can also visit "Tudor England: Images" and view portraits of 16th century kings, queens, and various courtiers.

Exploring and Collecting History Online
Exploring and Collecting History Online (ECHO) is a metasite (clearinghouse) of other sites on the history of science, medicine and technology.

George Barnard's Civil War Photographs
This online exhibit of 45 photographs taken by George Barnard during the Civil War are compelling and offer a rare glimpse of recorded history at that time.

Guides for Historical Research
Two guides are available at this site including links to useful resources, methods, citation information, and so forth.

History Matters
History Matters-- A resource guide for history teachers.

History of the Industrial Revolution
History of the Industrial Revolution

Internet History Sourcebooks Project
Provides easy access to primary sources and other teaching materials in a non-commercial environment.

Liberty, Equality, Fraternity: Exploring the French Revolution
Exploring the French Revolution

Livius: Articles on Ancient History
Livius is a non-commercial website on ancient history. Since 1996, it has been maintained by Jona Lendering from Amsterdam, Holland, who is currently teaching ancient and Dutch history at the Free University.

Odysseus - Hellenic Ministry of Culture
An online tour of Hellenic culture.

Perseus Digital Library
An evolving digital library with a wide range of source materials including links to Classics, Papyri, documents from the English Renaissance, scientific papers, etc.

Reconstruction: The Second Civil War
Offers insights into late 19th century American history. Topics include the Civil War, abolition, race relations, civil rights, black suffrage and election to political office, impeachment, regional political differences, nation building after war, federal government intervention in the states, and more.

Secrets of the Dead - Death at Jamestown
This is a case study of the Jamestown colony.

Taking a New Look at the Woman Suffrage Movement
"Taking a New Look at the Woman Suffrage Movement," by the National Woman's History Project, studies the 70 year struggle for women's suffrage

The Metropolitan Museum of Art
The site includes online tours of the galleries, a time line of art history, and educational resources.

The Rise and Fall of Jim Crow
A study of segregation and racial violence from the end of the Civil War to the beginning of the modern civil rights movement.

The University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology
The University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, through its research, collections, exhibitions, and educational programming, advances understanding of the world's cultural heritage.

Tombs of the Nobles
Pictures, maps and text are offered to the visitor who can take a quick tour or choose full information about the archeology projects in Luxor, Egypt. A glossary is included.

Uncle Tom's Cabin and American Culture
This site is an extensive collection of multimedia materials concerning Harriet Beecher Stowe's American cultural phenomenon, Uncle Tom's Cabin and the historical and cultural context of the novel.

Virtual Community for Teaching and Learning Classics
A virtual page exploring ancient Rome.

Voices from the Dustbowl
Culture of migrant workers in California in 1940.

Women of Ancient Rome
"Women of Ancient Rome"