Accounting Learning Resources

Accounting Education Using Computers and Multimedia
Discussion listserv offering subscribers an opportunity to talk about accounting hardware and software that is useful in accounting education. Faculty only.

Accounting Education: Charting the Course through a Perilous Future
Accounting Education: Charting the Course through a Perilous Future. Accounting Education Series, Volume No. 16.

American Accounting Association Faculty Development page
Contains links to resources for teaching accounting at the two-year college; papers on the changes in accounting education; knowledge, skills, and abilities needed by accounting faculty; and resources on program assessment.

American Taxation Association Course Syllabi Exchange
Website offering links to many accounting course syllabi from professors across the country.

Canadian Academic Accounting Association Educator's Forum
Provides articles on accounting education.

Resources for change in accounting education
Various monographs from the Accounting Education Change Commission (full text).

Tax and Accounting Sites Directory
Tax and Accounting metasite, offering links to websites on various accounting and tax topics.

Writing Skills for the Tax Professional
Basic Writing Skills for the Accounting Profession